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Since the creation of the guide Hachette, our wines get the attention from selectors (below, the last two years).

Guide Hachette 2008  :

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GUIDE Fleurus  :

  • Ondine
    Pierre Janny 2003
    8 to 10 euros - Red

    Intense ruby color with purple reflections, during evolution, clear, bright and of a good concentration. Intense smell with an aromatic range dominated by small black and red berries (black currant, cherry, blackberry), followed by more mineral, floral (peonies, violets) and plant (dried grass) touches, and when opened with licorice and peppermint touches. Supple and round immediate impression with a fruity range the same as that perceived by the smell. Taste marked by a quenching acidity and tannins still young and strong, but of a great finesse. Final taste of a beautiful length over a nice liquorice flavor.
    It is so rare to come across a Saint d'amour, with energy, depth, minerals, and that is fruity! This one is amongst those: this wine is a small marvel of balance where the maturity of the substance blends with the freshness of the structure. A wine that is both flattering and subtle, pleasant as of today, but also with a promessing future.
    Maturity: 2006, to drink before:2009.
    To Serve: bottled at 15°C
    Food suggestion: a roasted chicken with mushrooms or a game terrine.

  • Chiroubles "Truchet"
    Pierre Janny 2003
    Less than 5 euros - Red

    Ruby color with purple reflections showing its youth, clear, bright and of a good concentration. Smell offering a nice aromatic intensity upon maturity revealing black berry touches (black currant, cherry, blackberry) with a more serious connotation when opened, then flower and liquorice fragrances. Round and thick first impression. Taste with a great concentration of the substance translating into aromas of small red and black berries and others less crisp. Final taste marked by a great serious power of a good length. A Chirouble Bourguignon style, forget the acidic and fruity side of the Gamay to discover a serious wine with velvety fruity sense and with a fresh structure. A wine built as a grand cru alliant, with an important trace of preservation potential

    Maturity: 2009, to drink before:2011.
    Open: before serving
    To serve:
    bottled at 16°C
    Food suggestion: a small chitterling sausage, with red wine sauce, a roasted guinea fowl with wild mushrooms or a quail with grapes.

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