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“Maison Janny” has been established in Péronne (South Burgundy region) since 1984, directly and continuously linked to the local “terroir”.

Working among the vines, a young, qualified and dynamic team is continuously searching for fine and distinguished wines with character.

The team draws for you the best of what Burgundy can offer. It invites you to share its passion for wine and vineyards through an exclusive product range, respecting the authenticity and the heritage of its ancestors. Its selection of 22 wines guaranties an exceptional quality and balance, validated by qualified tasters.

“Maison Janny’s” know-how and professionalism is recognised in the wine industry. Thanks to the respect for the vineyards and their traditions, but also due to the use of specific modern techniques of wine making, the team identifies and chooses great vintages. Each wine on offer is produced and bottled at the Domains in order to perpetrate the dream and the complexity of each “terroir”. Many quality wine merchants and importers trust “Maison Janny”, in France and across the world. They appreciate its reactivity and its flexibility.

“Maison Janny” and its team answers your needs by suggesting wines which will astonish your palate, and will make you travel to the heart of mother nature and its bouquets of flavours and aromas.

Nos vins sont appréciés dans le monde entier, et nous répondons à la demande en France comme à l’étranger 


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